Custom Design Solutions

Inventor Help

The list below describes some of the basic inventor help services we offer.
  • Technical Design and Consulting:
    See our home page and our consulting page for details on the hardware and software services we offer.

  • Prototype Construction:
    We are capable of doing the 3D CAD work and acquiring the enclosure you may require for the construction of a prototype. Even sub assemblies and various brackets can be manufactured using 3D printing technology.

  • Compliance Testing and Revision:
    We can help define testing criteria and possibly build testing fixtures. We have experience in designing/executing formal validations and creating production documentation.

Give us a chance to be a blessing to you.

Your intellectual property is very important to us. Your success, is our success! We want to help you create the design of your dreams.

We understand the importance of your invention, protecting your idea is one of the most important things you can do. Our goal is to help you along the way with any technical challenges that you may face. We will protect your idea like it was our own.

We don't share designs or any other customer data... EVER!!!