Custom Design Solutions


Custom Firmware:
  • Will provide you with the best performance available from your chosen platform.

  • Highly customized solutions can be made with or without a RTOS.

  • Can be based on very basic processors to solve simple problems or more advanced, multi-core processors for controlling larger more intricate instruments.

We have production experience on embedded platforms from TI, Atmel, Nvidia and Microchip. Our firmware is written in C and assembly.

We offer embedded development services that are reasonably priced.
  • Our philosophy is to create a efficient code for you to own. We typically do not retain the IP developed for our customers.

  • We create well documented and maintainable code that is READABLE...

  • We are setup for a "Time and Materials" type of agreement.

  • Most of our contracts are "1099" based. Payment options include: 10% down plus installments at agreed upon times, or hourly plus materials.